Daniel Padilla renews contract with ABS-CBN

Daniel Padilla renews contract with ABS-CBN. He attended the signing ceremony with loveteam Kathryn Bernardo, the other half of the “KathNiel” mega loveteam. Julia Montes and Enrique Gil also had their contracts signed on the same date ~ January 30th. Daniel wore a simple blue shirt. He wore his shades and that made him even more dashing ~ lucky lucky Kathryn. I’m sooo jealous!

Anyway, I hope to see Daniel and Kathryn in more projects. Got To Believe is nearing its end but I want a new teleserye ~ ASAP!

Here are some photos compiled from the web of the contract signing.

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For additional photos and info of the contract signing, please check my KathNiel Mega Loveteam page.

Fangirling for Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla is undoubtedly the hottest teenstar in the Philippines now! And he makes me wish I were back home so I could follow his career more.

The hottest!

The hottest!

Actually, it took a long time before I liked Daniel. When I was watching “Princess and I”, I thought his “bad boy” style is quite annoying and unoriginal. I was even irritated with his voice. What made me like him is watching how he takes care of his mom. He is so proud of his mom and so accepting of his uncle (or shall I say ‘aunt’) BB Gandanghari. It is obvious how much he loves his family and that speaks a lot about his personality.

So more than his talents, I admire Daniel as a young man.

As one of the hottest male stars, he is surely a good role model to his fans. He perseveres and that is and admirable trait. I noticed that he has improved in his acting ability in the first few episodes of “Got To Believe”. He is still somewhat of a “rookie actor” but we will surely watch him more from now on.

Way to go Daniel!